Welcome to Blind SOS, unfortunately if you’re looking to buy some blinds you’re in the wrong place.

Blind SOS aims to provide blind and partially sighted individuals with tips and tricks for going about every day life independently.

This website is created by Cal and Jess Stoneman, Cal is completely blind and Jess is sighted. We decided to create this website because we wanted to help other visually impaired people to become as independent as possible. We also want to create somewhere that you can come to to get advice or find information on how to do certain things that visually impaired people commonly find challenging. In the video below, Cal and Jess tell you a bit more about themselves and what the aim of the Blind SOS website is.


Since that video was recorded in 2018, a lot has changed for us! We have moved house a couple of times, Cal has graduated university and now works full time, and most importantly we are now married! However, we have kept the above video because the aim of the site remains the same, and it shows where we first started.

Feel free to explore this site and we hope you find the tips and advice on here useful. We will be updating this site regularly, so keep checking back here, and if there’s anything you would like advice on, or if you just want to give us feedback, feel free to get in touch with us.