The main entitlement is PIP (Personal Independence Payment).

This is a monthly allowance that can be claimed even if you are or are not working.

It is split into a daily living part and a mobility part as a visually impaired person you are usually (NOT ALWAYS) entitled to both parts. The amount you are entitled to differs depending on the severity of the impact of the visual impairment, this is dependant on the results of your assessment (keep reading to find out about the assessment).

To apply for PIP you have to call the DWP (0800 917 2222). Once you’ve called them they send you a form to complete, you will most likely require sighted assistance to fill out this form (quite ironic really!). Once you have sent this back they will require you to undertake an assessment so that they get a better understanding of how your disability affects you. The results of this assessment will determine the level of PIP you will receive.