Access To Work

The access to work scheme is available to assist disabled employees in getting the equipment that they require to carry out their job due to their disability.

If you receive certain benefits you may not be entitled to this these are benefits such as universal credit, ESA, jobseekers allowance or income support. But there are certain circumstances where you may still be entitled to access to work if you are claiming these so it is always best to call the access to work team (0800 121 7479).

To claim access to work you will need to talk to your employer first about reasonable adjustments. Once you have done this if you require anything else you can call 0800 121 7479 to apply for access to work. After you have applied someone from access to work will contact you and discuss how they can support you. They may also contact your employer or come and visit you at work to assess your needs.

Access to work can provide things such as adaptations to the equipment you use; specialist equipment or software; sign language interpreters; taxi fares to work or a support worker; disability awareness training for your colleagues and lots of other things that could help you so it is well worth looking into if your employer has already made reasonable adjustments.