Breville One Cup Kettle

The One Cup kettle from Breville is a fantastic product that allows you to make hot drinks without worrying about spilling boiling water anywhere. It works the same as a normal kettle, but once it has finished boiling it will pour the water into your cup for you. Check out the video of us demonstrating this below.



There are two different versions of the One Cup available, one that has a fixed level and will only pour out a certain amount of water (we prefer to call this the half a cup), and another with an adjustable level so you can control how much water gets boiled and then poured out into the cup. The level is very easy to adjust, simply turning the dial on the top of the kettle will adjust it. If you do go for the adjustable one, keep in mind that it might take a bit of trial and error before you work out which level you should use, but you will eventually get used to which settings are right for different situations.


Links to Purchase

In the UK, stores such as Currys and Argos sell both the fixed and variable level kettles and we have done our best to find the cheapest prices available. You can also get them on eBay or Amazon. International readers, please check with your local stores to see where this can be purchased.


Buy Breville One Cup Kettle fixed level version from Currys

Buy Fixed Level Version on Amazon


Buy Adjustable Level Version from Currys

Buy Adjustable Level Version from Amazon


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