Talking Scales Demo

It took us a long time to find a set of talking kitchen scales that were reliable enough to use, but finally we have managed to find some fantastic ones! Check out the video demonstration below. A link to purchase is at the bottom of this page or in the video description on YouTube.



At the front of the scales are four buttons. Going from left to right, the first button is the tare button, which resets the weight to 0. When this button is pressed, you will hear a short beep and after a few seconds the scales will announce “0 grams” or ounces depending on what setting you are using. The second button toggles the measurements between grams and ounces. You won’t hear a beep when this is pressed, but after a short pause the weight in the new measurements will be announced. ┬áThe third button is the power off button, and the fourth is power on. Just above these buttons is a small display which displays the weight as well as having it spoken, and above this is a small flat platform, where the bowl to weigh your items is placed.


When you first power on the scales, you will hear them say “Hello”. Wait a few more seconds for them to fully boot up, and you should then hear “It’s ready”. At this point, the scales are ready to use. You can then start adding whatever you would like to weigh to the bowl. When nothing has been added for a couple of seconds, the current weight will be announced and displayed on the screen. We recommend adding a small amount of what you are weighing, wait a few seconds for the weight to be calculated and announced, then adding more if necessary.


If for whatever reason you would like to use the scales without speech, this can be done as well and only the display will work. On the bottom of the scales are two switches. The one closest to the front toggles the volume between low and high, and the second toggles the speech on or off. This is useful if someone sighted would like to use them but not be annoyed by the speech. The battery compartment is also located next to these switches, and the scales are powered by 4 AA batteries.


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