Talking House Phone Demo

Finding mobile phones with accessibility features built in is no problem at all, however we found it surprisingly difficult to find a landline phone that would announce the incoming caller and provide a talking phonebook and menus. The one we eventually found is the Amplicomms Powertell 711. Check out the video demonstration below to get an idea of how this works.



The Powertell 711 speaks all menus in a clear voice and allows you to store contacts in its phonebook, the names of those stored contacts will also be read out as you scroll through the phonebook. When you receive a call, if the caller’s number is not saved in the phonebook, the phone will read out the caller’s number and then continue to play the ringtone until the call is answered. If the caller’s number is stored, the phone will spell out the name of the contact. For example, if you have someone saved as “dad” and that person calls, the phone will read “D, A, D”. Names in the phonebook are always read character by character and there is no way to change this.


To make a call, you can either use the keypad and you will hear each number as you dial it, or you can scroll through the names of the phonebook and press the “talk” key once you have found the person you would like to call.


In addition to talking features, the Powertell 711 also has some features for those with hearing impairments. It has a boost button which makes the receiver extra loud when on a call, and you can also connect a pair of headphones to it if you wish to hear the caller through those. Headphones are not included wen you buy the phone.


The Amplicomms Powertell 711 can be purchased from Amazon via this link.